What To Eat At Christmas Parties

You may not have to attend all the parties you are invited to anyway. Going to all presents opportunities to over-eat and over-drink bad foods and drinks.

At these parties, be sure of the safety of the food displayed and wash your hands well before touching them. You are likely to shake hands with so many people at these parties so just beware.

Choose fresh fruits over fruit drinks at these parties. A serving or two of these fresh fruits will be a healthier choice.

You can start by eating salads at parties. The salads should not be too rich, thus eat them without salad creams, eggs and rich dressings. Taking enough of these leaves will make it possible for you not to eat too much of the proper food. This will help you not to over eat.

Do not drink too much alcohol when you attend parties. Becoming drunk will just make you misbehave at parties. You might end up driving back home in the drunken state.

This will not just endanger your life but it is also against the laws of Ghana to drink alcohol and drive.

If you attend parties at night, do not eat heavy meals simply because it is a party. Just go light and drink some water in addition.  

Dancing at parties will help you use some energy and contribute to increasing physical activity level which is good for your health. Dance and enjoy yourself when you attend parties.

Those who are not well

If you have any disease or condition that requires that you avoid certain foods, note that Christmas does not give you the freedom to do the wrong thing.

Going against your diet rules will only lead to worsening those problems. So just stay focused and enjoy the yuletide.

Get some exercise

Most people are not able to exercise because of works schedules. The yuletide comes with some holiday or break from work so seize the opportunity to do some exercise.

Exercise is medicine, it helps your body to get rid of stored food or energy which otherwise would have been a source of disease or sickness to the body.

Get some walk for up to 30 minutes. This can even be done indoors if the weather becomes too cold, too dark or too dusty for you to hit the road.

I wish you a merry Christmas

I salute all readers of my column. Have the best of the season. Remember that Christ is the reason for the season. Focus on Him; enjoy a renewed life and relationship with Him. Remain blessed now and always. Keep spreading the message of healthy eating for health and wellness.

“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul”...3 John 1:2