Donít Enter New Year With Offences ó Lawrence Tetteh

Workers of the Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) have been urged to enter 2016 without offences, as they are a drawback to progress.

Delivering the sermon at the GCGL's End-of-Year Thanksgiving Service on the theme: "Count your blessings one by one", the Founder of the World Miracle Outreach Ministries, Dr Lawrence Tetteh, said, "There are so many things we are offended about that are pure nonsense."

In an inspiring sermon interspersed with spiritual songs by the preacher, he said harbouring offences did no one any good and that they had rather destroyed homes, families and organisations.

Dangers of offences

Presenting a litany of the ills that resulted from offences, Dr Tetteh said they were traps of the enemy which "will make you unreasonable and they are like emotions — they have no intellect”.

"They will make you uncultured and a fool. Offences will destroy your joy. Don't be offended because it is not worth it. You will wear yourself out,” he told the staff.

Drawing analogies from his own experiences of actions of others that had offended him, Dr Tetteh, who is also a renowned international evangelist, said offences made the offended lose vigilance, become sick, lose respect and what had been laboured for.

"When you get angry, your heart bloats and comes back to its original size after 72 hours. Within that time, one is more vulnerable than an HIV/AIDS patient," he warned, quoting from a research work he chanced upon.

Referring to the Biblical Moses, Dr Tetteh said he could not take the Israelites to the Promised Land when it was left with only 11 days because Moses got offended by the people and struck the rock for water, instead of speaking to it as God had instructed him to do.

Citing the popular David and Goliath account in the Bible, he added that offences made people lose their strategies for battle, their identity, as well as their liberty.

Dr Tetteh, therefore, asked the staff of the GCGL to recompose themselves and get back to normal business.

Earlier, the Managing Director of the GCGL, Mr Kenneth Ashigbey, had said the service was to thank God for all the good things He had done for the company and its staff.

“With the praise that we have offered unto Him, we know that the Lord God is here. We are joining the heavens to say that we are counting our blessings and laying them one by one and we will see what good the Lord has done for us,” he said.

He said although 2015 was a difficult year, the Lord had seen the GCGL through.

“When things become difficult, that is when He lifts us up. He carries us on His shoulder and we do not depend on ourselves. He tells us that he that dwells in the secret place of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty,” he exhorted the staff.

“It is by His grace, it is by His favour that we are where we are,” he reminded the GCGL staff.

Thanksgiving service

For the first time, representatives of the various departments read selected scriptures at the end-of-year thanksgiving service, followed by eight popular English carols and two local renditions.

Music was provided by the Destiny Project of the Destiny Altar Ministries.