Sacked Recruits Not A Security Threat - GAF

The Military High Command has downplayed claims that the 500 sacked recruits from the Army Recruits Training School at Shai Hills in the Greater Accra Region could pose a security threat to the country.

Speaking to Ultimate Fm’s Ato Kwamena Haizel, Director of Public Relations (PR) of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Colonel E. Aggrey-Quarshie, said the recruits were only given preliminary training and does not see how this could jeopardize the safety of the country.

According to him, the dismissed recruits were not trained on how to handle weapons and hence pose no threat at all as some analysts are trying to make it look like.

Colonel E. Aggrey-Quarshie defended the decision to sack all 500 recruits indicating that they were not ready to undertake the task given them and further showed no interest in protecting the country.

A number of security analysts are of the view that the dismissed recruits could pose a major threat to the security of the country taking into account they might have received some form of training during their two-month stay in camp.