Opare-Ansah Charges Akorabo To Vote Out NDC

The member of parliament for Suhum in the Eastern Region, Frederick Opare-Ansah on Saturday 26th December, 2015 donated 100 bags of cement estimated to cost over GHC 3,000 to the people of Akorabo a suburb of Suhum, towards the construction of a community center for the community.

In addition to the bags of cement, the MP also presented a cash amount of GHC 1,000, to support the same cause.
The presentation happened during the grand durbar of the annual NOYAM festival celebrated by the people of Akorabo which took place on Saturday 26th December, 2015.

He took time to counsel the citizens to exhibit peaceful behavior even as we end the year and enter 2016 which will be an election year. He commended the chiefs for taking the bold step to initiate the NOYAM festival which has entered its third year and said he hoped and prayed the next festival in a years time will be even bigger and better.

The chiefs and elders of Akorabo led by the paramount Chief Nene Nage thanked him for the presentation but just like Oliver Twist, they pleaded with him to support them again when the need arises. He gracefully took on the challenge and said that, at any point of the project, if they find themselves cash trapped and called on him, he will gladly support them with other items and money.

Hon. Opare-Ansah further charged those gathered to vote out the NDC during the 2016 election so that a government led by Nana Akufo Addo the NPP presidential candidate will come and save Ghana from the incompetence of the NDC. He further stressed that the 7 year rule of the NDC had brought untold hardship on the people of Ghana and Akorabo specifically. He recalled how the road from Suhum to Akorabo was tarred by the Kuffuor led NPP administration and was almost always in good condition, but under the NDC the road has been left in a deplorable state, and users of the road struggle to use the road.

He also recalled that under the NPP government, the Metro mass transit buses used to ply the route from Suhum to Akorabo, to aid traders and other members of the community with their transport, but under the NDC, this was no more.
The event hosted many dignitaries from the Eastern region and other parts of Ghana, notably a representative of the chief of staff as well as a representative of the MCE for the Suhum municipality.