Govt Will Support Textile Industry

Dr Ekow Spio-Garbrah, Minister of Trade and Industry, has reiterated government’s support for the manufacturing sector to make it a viable vehicle for job creation and creativity.

He urged manufacturing industries to do self diagnosis and come out with appropriate growth orientated strategies as government creates the enabling atmosphere for them to flourish.

Dr Spio-Garbrah, who was touring the Tema Free Zones enclave, expressed dissatisfaction at the poor state of the textile and garment industries in the enclave.

He asked the free zone industry operators to see the Ministry of Trade and Industry as a partner who was willing to help them overcome their challenges.

Dr Spio-Garbrah warned them against questionable practices like illegal sub-leasing, adding that ”instead of handing over buildings and plots to the Ministry, some companies have on their own decided to illegally rent out such government facilities to other companies.”