Govít Has Failed The Youth Ė Irbard

The Mahama administration has failed the youth of Ghana, peace ambassador for the 2016 general elections Irbard Ibrahim has said.

He told Class FM that “unprecedented youth unemployment under the Mahama-Amissah Arthur administration” underscored his charge against the government.

The young analyst accused the government of being “insensitive” to the needs of the youth by its withdrawal of nursing and teacher-trainee allowances.

Mr Ibrahim said the “lack of opportunities for graduates” was “causing a serious exodus of the youth to other countries,” as well as “draining the nation's workforce”.

He said the situation was also denting Ghana’s international reputation because desperate young people who flee the country to seek greener pastures and asylum “lie about a war brewing in Ghana” so as to facilitate their admission overseas.

In Mr Irbard’s view, the situation had the possibility of sparking “an uprising similar to what happened in Tunisia, as a result of youth redundancy”.