Baby Dies After Being 'Left In Highchair Overnight While Teenage Mum Fell Asleep'

A little boy died after allegedly being left in a highchair while his 16-year-old mum fell asleep. The 13-month-old, known only as Baby M, was thought to have been wrapped in a blanket in front of the TV at home when he died.

His teenage mum, who also cannot be named, woke up at seven in the morning to find her boy "floppy and unresponsive". She dialled 999 and the tot was being airlifted to hospital, but alter died.

Yesterday both the police and the local child safeguarding board were investigating the circumstances surrounding the Baby M's death.

An initial post-mortem proved inconclusive.
The mother, who fell pregnant at the age of 15, had previously been under the care of the Milton Keynes Council and has spent time in mum and baby foster home placements.

The 16-year-old, who is believed to have split from the child's father, later paid tribute to her baby son in a local newspaper.

She said: "He was the most beautiful boy - he was my world. "He touched a lot of people's hearts, as I used to post a lot of pictures of him on Facebook.

"He was just about to start walking, and he had just learned to climb stairs. There was no one single word I could use to describe [him], he was just incredible.

"I just screamed when I was told the news, I was in denial. But I am done crying now.I have got to pick myself back up and I want to be strong for him - I will be with my baby boy again someday",she said.

Milton Keynes Council has  launched an investigation into the tot's tragic death.

An anonymous source said: "With all this support and professional help in place, it is incredible that a tragedy like this was allowed to happen. There will have to be a thorough investigation and it is very likely that heads will roll.

It is understood the mum then feel asleep herself and woke to find Baby M floppy and unresponsive. He was taken by air ambulance to John Radcliffe hospital and pronounced dead on January 18.

A Milton Keynes Council spokesman refused to comment on the circumstances of the death. But council leader Pete Marland said: "This is a tragic event.

"We need to establish the facts of this tragedy and understand what happened, and I can assure people that Milton Keynes Council will play any part required of it, open and honestly."