Charlotte Osei Would Finally Compile A New Voters' Register - Islamic Cleric Predicts

Sheikh Ustaz Sham-una Jibril is an Islamic cleric, numerologist and philosopher and is globally known for his accurate predictions on both local and international issues.

Prior to the appointment of Madam Charlotte Osei as Ghana’s Electoral Commissioner, Sheikh Ustaz Sham-una claims to have dreamt about her appointment on Friday January 22nd 2016 at 8.45 am.

According to Ustaz Sham-una, he saw the E.C boss in his dream granting an interview to a correspondent of a renowned media house– “she was speaking with Al Jazeera over the issue of a compilation of new voters register”.

“In the dream Al Jazeera was interested in knowing whether electoral commission was going to change the voters' register or not.” he narrated. 

“Surprisingly, Madam Charlotte Osei went silent, after sometime, she told Al Jazeera’s correspondent ‘yes’’ I shall compile a new voters register”, he added. 

The numerologist further revealed that – “Madam Charlotte Osei explained in the dream that a lot of institutions, universities and professors have advised her to compile a new register”

“According to her, she has no option than to agree and heed to the call. She ended up by saying; I shall compile a new register”

Sheikh Ustaz Sham-un Jibril is optimistic the call for a new voters’ register to be used in the 2016 elections would surely come to pass.

"Ghana will have a new voters register based on what I saw in my dreams”, he emphatically said.