Newspaper Admits Lying About Essien

English newspaper, �The People� have been forced into an embarrassing climb-down with a groveling apology to Ghana star player, Michael Essien, admitting that they lied about his private life. The weekly tabloid made the admission of guilt over false claims that the Ghana midfielder star cheated on his previous lovers. The UK newspaper known for wild and unfounded allegations claimed that Essien cheated on his lover, Nadia Buari and fathered a child out of his lecherous ways. The paper claimed that Nadia Buari had called off their wedding plans because Essien cheated on her consistently. But after being confronted with the contrary evidence and a threat of mammoth legal action, The People magazine has admitted they lied about the Ghanaian player. �We apologise to Mr. Essien for any distress or embarrassment caused,� The People magazine said in a statement in their newspaper:- �On 25 May 2008 and 3 May 2009 we reported that Michael Essien had cheated on his long term girlfriend Nadia Buari by having numerous affairs behind her back including one in which he fathered a child. �On May 3, we reported that as a result of his behaviour, Ms Nadia Buari called their wedding off. �We now accept that these allegations are untrue.�