Tigo Reinforces Its Business Continuity And Integrity With An Ultra-Modern Data Centre

Right behind its headquarters in Accra is a new ultra-modern Data Centre that will house all of Tigo’s network infrastructure with adequate room to host and store data for other companies.

The $5.1million will ensure that all customer data are properly stored and managed, in full compliance of Ghana’s Data Protection Act, Act 843.

The 3-Tier facility has dual multi-layer power supply to all systems and this will guarantee consistent service availability to all its IT Infrastructure. It boasts of the latest high-tech security, including multi-factor verification, internal and external CCTV coverage.

At the official opening of the Data Centre, the Chief Technical and Information Officer, Ron Reddick, said it has a rack capacity of 110 which can provide the necessary infrastructural space for the many customer oriented projects.

“This Data Centre will store all our computer systems and associated components and this includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls such as air conditioning and fire suppression and various security devices,” he explained.

He revealed in the coming months, Tigo will roll out several enhanced technologies including server and application hosting for Tigo business and many more.

IT operations are a crucial aspect of most organisational operations around the world as companies rely on their information systems to run their operations. With an ultra-modern Data Centre in place Tigo Ghana has reinforced its business continuity and integrity process in the storage and management of information.