Prez Mahama Did NOT Say 'Dumsor' Is Over John Jinapor

If you thought ‘dumsor’ is completely over and your confidence has been boosted by President Mahama’s claim that he has fixed the problem, then you may have to rethink because his Deputy Energy Minister, John Jinapor, has explained that the President did not state categorically that the crisis was over.

The President, while highlighting his government’s achievements in the power sector at Thursday’s State of the Nation address, said, “much work still needs to be done to give us the comfort of sustainable generation going forward and so on this occasion I take this opportunity to thank all those who have worked with me for us to overcome this challenge that our nation confronted.”

The President reminded Ghanaians of his promise at a similar event in 2015, to fix the recurring power crisis,  emphasizing that he has fulfilled that promise.

He said 800 megawatts has been added to the national grid through the procurement of more power plants. But speaking on Eyewitness News on Thursday, John Jinapor argued that the president’s statement does not suggest that he has fixed the ‘dumsor’ crisis. 

“The president did not state categorically that dumsor is over. He did not even state categorically that he has completely fixed the problem. He said that he has overcome the challenge,” he argued.

According to Mr. Jinapor, at a press conference held by his ministry few weeks ago they said there was still have work to be done which is what the President indicated.

He said “the most important thing is not about declaring it over or not, the most important thing is that, the ordinary Ghanaian will continue to see an improvement, that for me is more important than the semantics and terminologies that we use and that is what we are concentrating on, working to ensure that we consolidate the gain.”

“We have a challenge with fuel, we have to work on that, we have to work with petroleum ministry to ensure that the gas come on board so that eventually we will not just have the machines, but we will control the source of flow of fuel because that is also critical,” he added.