Ghanaians Don’t Need A ‘Macho’ President – Kwesi Pratt

The Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jr., has said Ghanaians do not need a ‘macho’ President to solve the nation's problems.

According to him, Presidents are elected to solve problems confronting a country and “you don’t need a macho man to do that.”

Kwesi Pratt was reacting to claims that President Mahama’s State of the Nation Address delivered Thursday, which lasted three hours, was too lengthy 

Contributing to a panel discussion on Radio Gold, Saturday, Kwesi Pratt indicated that it is ‘irrelevant’ the argument people are making that the President spent too long a time in delivering his speech.

According to him, the “duration of the speech, how long it was, the apparent agility of the President, his stamina, all those as far as I am concerned is absolutely irrelevant. If Ghana were electing a president to go and compete in a wrestling match in the Olympics, then perhaps some of these would have been important…. we elect a President to solve social, economic and other problems that confront us…you don’t need a macho man”