Kwesi Pratt - It Is Wrong To Counter Government's Projects

The Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper has condemned those looking for evidence to counter what President Mahama said in Parliament during the State of the Nation Address.

The President while delivering his address on Thursday mentioned a lot of developmental projects his administration has undertaken including building of schools and construction of roads.

Contributing to a panel discussion on Radio Gold, Kwesi Pratt said it is “disingenuous and deliberate falsehood” to show pictures of roads that has not yet been constructed to indicate that the ruling government is not constructing roads as they want Ghanaians to believe.

“…when the president speaks about efforts that have been made to eliminate school under trees and to improve access to education and so on, some people or somebody go to some villages and take pictures of some schools still under trees and use it as a counter to the President’s argument; I think it is unfair. It is absolutely unfair because if there were 100 schools under trees and today, there are 99 schools under trees, progress have been made. If there were 40 and today there are two (2) it still means that progress have been made….” he added.

Length Of Address

Kwesi Pratt also indicated that it is ‘irrelevant’ the argument people are making that the President spent too long a time in delivering his speech.

According to him, the “duration of the speech, how long it was, the apparent agility of the President, his stamina, all those as far as I am concerned is absolutely irrelevant. If Ghana were electing a president to go and compete in a wrestling match in the Olympics, then perhaps some of these would have been important…. we elect a President to solve social, economic and other problems that confront us…you don’t need a macho man”