Our Faith Is Grounded On The Resurrection

The Reverend Daniel Kwesi Ayim, Pastor in-charge of the Mount Moriah Congregation of the Presbyterian Church, at Danfa, on Easter Sunday, reminded Christians that the resurrection of Christ is the basis of the Christian faith.

 He said if Christ had not resurrected, Christianity would have been meaningless; emphasising that the only person through the ages who was crucified and died, was buried, and was resurrected by God was Christ Jesus.

 He was delivering a sermon the theme: “Christ has victory over Death”.

 “Christ’s resurrection also gives us hope,” he said, explaining that, it gave hope for the resurrection of dead situations in the lives of Christians.

 “The resurrection also gives us hope that there is glory ahead of us because the scriptures say, ‘Christ in you the hope of glory.’”

 Rev. Ayim said Christ’s resurrection again gave Christians the hope of new and better things in their lives, reminding the congregation that their ultimate in Christianity was the hope of being in heaven.

 “As Christians, heaven is the ultimate for us, we should, therefore, live holy lives in order to make it to heaven”.