Hold Teachers Responsible For Students´┐Ż Riots

In every group or social setting, there are bound to be a few people who would find it difficult abiding by the rules.

This situation also pertains in our educational institutions, even though the authorities are expected to impose a regimented lifestyle on the students.

There are always occasions when some students become wayward and indulge in acts which are at variance with the norms and the laid-down rules.

However, the current situation gives cause for concern, as the acts of indiscipline in our schools have reached alarming proportions.

It has suddenly become fashionable for students to embark on demonstrations and other forms of protest over matters, some of which are very trivial.

It seems some students engage in such actions so that they can also boast of having undertaken ‘alutas’.

There are, however, instances that the high-handedness of the authorities compells them to react; some teachers mistreat the students and regard them as less human, using insults and other derogatory language.

The Times consideres this unacceptable, as it engenders anger and the feeling of rebellion among the students.

That is why we side with the concern expressed by the Deputy Director-General of the Ghana Education Service, Dr. Stephen Adu, who also found teachers partly blameable for the growing indiscipline in the schools.

Infact, Dr. Adu believes the lackadaisical attitude of some teachers is the underlying cause of the indiscipline.

He argues that indiscipline will be on the ascendancy if teachers and their heads continue to absent themselves from school and engage in acts contrary to the code of conduct.

We cannot but agree with this assertion, because children are prone to copy the conduct of their teachers, and when the authorities seem deficient in the display of exemplary conduct, law and order breaks down.

The Times, therefore, suggests that where there are students’ riots, the education authorities should not stop at punishing the trouble-causers; they should delve deep to unearth the root causes and sanction those teachers whose actions might have led to the riots.

It is time to root out indiscipline in our schools, and the heads must equally be held responsible.