Girls Edified On Self-Care During Menstruation

The Achieving Woman Consult (TAWC), a non-governmental organisation, has launched an educational campaign to help young girls to take care of themselves during menstruation.

The Founder and President of TAWC, Mrs Millicent Adoboe, said menstruation was a major cycle for girls in puberty.

It is a normal flow of blood containing unfertilised eggs from the ovaries and the lining of the uterus through the vagina.

However, she said, menstruation could be light, moderate, or heavy in terms of the flow of blood adding that having regular menstrual cycles was a sign that the body parts were working normally.

Mrs Adoboe, who was speaking at the launch in Accra on Monday, said some peculiar signs include fatigue, bloating, temperature flashes, constipation, diarrhea, body pains, tender breasts, emotional changes and mild cramps.

She advised that during the menses, ladies should drink more water and other fluids, eat fruits and vegetables and use thick winged pads that absorbed more.

Mrs Adoboe urged girls to eat healthy balanced diets, have warm baths, exercise, sleep well and control their emotions and visit the doctor in case of any complications.

She said the consult worked for women empowerment and capacity building to equip them with the requisite knowledge to make them influential in society.

She said the Achievers Project was thus set up to start educational and transforming conferences in junior and senior high schools to imbibe the spirit of excellence in the girls.

Faith Community Baptist School at Madina Zongo Junction was the first to benefit from the initiative where 150 girls were enlightened on career choices, menstruation and beads making.

Mrs Adoboe expressed her desire to replicate the initiative in all basic and senior high schools to equip the girls to become outstanding leaders in the country and beyond.