There's More To Life Than Marriage - Guru

Hip-life sensation, Guru has complained about incessant questions about when he intends to marry, insisting that it is one of the most annoying questions interviewers often ask him. The ‘Lapaz Toyota’ hit maker, who made an appearance on Ghana’s biggest celebrity and lifestyle show, Celebrity Fanzone last Saturday on Viasat1, spared no moments when co-host Chantelle Asante asked about the most annoying question that he often encounters.

Responding to the question, Guru insisted that life is not all about marriage and that he is very careful to take certain important decisions especially those concerning marriage. “I keep repeating myself that life is not all about marriage…you should be careful about some of the decisions you take in life about the real deal. I am a guy, I need to make sure I give the best to my family; I live the best of life and make sure I leave the best of impact in people.

So I try to make sure I do the best of it everybody, not being selfish by just go for a date, like date somebody because you think you’re growing fast so you need to marry. You can only marry in the kind of religion you believe, and should be careful who you go in for,” the Hip-life superstar noted. Guru, who has failed to pick up any major award in Ghana for several years now, also refuted claims that he may be troubled by that. He argued that the neglect is often an inspiration to go all out to make positive impact on the lives of his fans. “To me, it doesn’t bring anything about me down, it doesn’t build any negative in my career; it rather inspires.

Life is not all about picking up an award. It’s about how you deal with a situation and make a positive impact out of it,” Guru stated.