Critics Make Me Do Better Music - D-Black

Ghanaian hip-hop star Desmond Kwesi Blackmore better known by his stage name as D-Black has stated that critics make him do better music.

According to the “Vera” hitmaker, he has started taking his music more seriously ever since he started receiving criticisms about his style of rap. In an interview with Berla Mundi on Rhytmz Live Show, the rapper revealed that at first he used to just do freestyles on his songs and didn’t take the rap seriously until he started getting criticized by people who weren’t feeling his lyrics.

“You know at first I used to just write the lyrics and I didn’t even go back to look at it again. A song like “seihor” with Castro I just did a freestyle — but now I think the critics make me do better music, I now put a lot of thought in my lyrics”. According to him, he didn’t really want to do music, he just wanted to get into the entertainment business until a song he recorded with Kweku T became an instant hit. That’s when he decided to do more music so criticisms don’t really break him down.

When asked how he felt whenever he was been back-lashed by people for his weak lyrics he replied

“You know not everyone will love your music, sometimes the song that someone says he hates has actually gotten me like 6 nominations. So some love my music and others don’t” D Black also revealed that he was getting ready to release his new album after going on a music hiatus for 4 years.