KNUST Students To Go On Demonstration As Fees Outrageously Increase

Students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology, are left with sorrow and anger in their hearts and are fully prepared and ready to go on an demonstration, should it turn a violent one which they don't care since authorities have left them nothing good but dishonesty and injustice.

Samuel Gyekye Mensah, please known as Supremo, a KNUST student leads his people through a group named CONCERNED STUDENTS FOR TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY-KNUST in this course as he believes the authorities are not considering the difficult state of some parents in paying fees. In his statement, he said, we are talking with the SRC executives but they seem so reluctantly and time is not on our side. “We simply need results out of this issue, a positive one, a reduction I mean and not justifications for none of them will soothe the hearts of the people (students).” he added.

Master Samuel Gyekye Mensah also touched on key areas they expect the reduction should come from. He made it clear it was unfair for students to be paying fees which has sharply incensed, which cuts across the fee paying, parallel and regular students. He continued by saying fees like FIELD TRIP, TECHNOLOGY SERVICE (ICT) and HEALTH CARE wereoverly charged. FIELD TRIP experienced a 400 percent increase from GHC 25.00 to GHC100.00 which in most cases students are not allowed to partake. PRACTICAL FEES Of a huge GHC200.00 was also a newly introduced fee which students are confused about.

In the cases of the freshers to come, theirs become worse as they are charged HALL ICT in addition to the TECHNOLOGY SERVICE (ICT)making them pay a some of GHC 270.00 only for ICT while neighbour universities are paying not more than GHC 100.00 .

“This is a serious unfairness and a threat to the students with future fees that await them.” he voiced out. Every Knust seems to be bitterly treated in this situation and all they are expecting is a reduction.

Concluding, KNUST students are signalling a strong RED warning to the university council to immediately review and reduce the fees. The university hall and unity hall in this case are ready to settle differences and fight for this and when the university council fails to response as quick as possible they should not blame the students for any violent caused.

Samuel Gyekye Mensah is a third year chemical engineering student activist hailing from Obuasi and fighting for a right course his keen interest.