Woes Of Coast Football Cannot Be Blamed On GFA � Coach Afranie

Veteran coach Emmanuel Kwesi Afranie says the collapse of coast football in the country cannot be blamed on the Ghana Football Association. Rather, he puts it squarely at the doorstep of the district assemblies.

He indicated that the assemblies have failed to support the many talents within their localities. Mr. Afranie who has been in several tournaments with the youth team of Ghana bemoaned the fact that Ghana is endowed with many talents, but inadequate resources to guide the children to achieve their goals have been the problem.

In an interview with Onua Sports he maintained, “during our time we do contribute to purchase football for training in the community but whoever refuses to pay the said amount will not be allowed to play.

At times it was difficult to contribute so we sometimes have to work before we can get the money to pay”. The veteran coach insisted that the coast football is supposed to be at the district level and not the GFA that should be responsible.

He also appealed to government to get involved in terms of facilities to help coast football whilst the various district assemblies provide football pitches.