Roro and Reggie Rockstone 'Fight' On Social Media

There seems to be a raging feud between renowned record producer, Buddy Roro and hiplife grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone after the former remarked that rappers, Kontihene and Tic Tac are artistically being lazy.

Earlier on, Roro in an interview on Hitz FM stated that the prowess of these two rappers had deteriorated considerably, a reason none of their recent releases can match any song they recorded back in the day.

Well, after the news went viral, Reggie Rockstone allegedly questioned on social media when last Roro produced a hit song to merit his statement on Kontihene and Tic Tac.

“What have you produced lately worth listening sir Roro? Last hit? I’m saying though! Shaking my head [smh] #OpinionatedGhana,” he commented on a post.

Moments after Rockstone’s dig at Roro, the sound engineer took to his Facebook timeline to point out the success of his recent works and rated himself far above the hiplife grandpapa.

“Ermmmmmmm somebody shld pls tell my grand paa(reggie rockstone) that in 2015,i produced the Daddy lumba/Ampong album and 40,000 cd’s hv been sold already.i just produced a highlife tune (mafe wo) for ras kuuku which is huge now.smbdy shld aslo ask reggie for me if he has even sold 500 copies of any of his albums before.well reggie knws when he hits me,i go bite am so he loves to get on ma nerves.hmmmmmmm i pray i dnt act like reggie when i get to his age.he was in da game b4 me but musically reggie……u aint anywhere closer to me.just bring it on and i promise u a diss song.woy3 aye panin bone paaaa. #inobore,” he posted.