Obrafour 'Disses' Okyeame Kwame & Obour

A new single from Obrafour featuring new rapper, Guru has been enjoying lots of radio airplay this weekend and stirring controversies all over. The song, �Nkasiabo� which aims to break the hiplife legend�s inactivity over the years has rubbed off some fellow artists and their fans the wrong way. In the track which creatively features Guru as a radio broadcaster interviewing Obrafour on phone, Obrafour answers a number of questions on the state of hiplife. But the bit that seems to be causing the controversy is his answer to the question, whether hiplife is dead. In his answer he took a swipe at Obour and Okyeame Kwame for their hit song, �The Game� which suggested that hiplife was dying and need resurrection, perhaps by these two artists. Obrafour described hiplife to be very much alive and kicking asking the question, when did hiplife die without him knowing? He said that music is dynamic and it was the musicians who aren�t dynamic enough that don�t want the current changes and growth in hiplife. Obrafour wittingly retorted, �how can we save hiplife with Atopa Jenjen?� it would be recollected that, the first single released on Obour�s Fontomfrom album was �The Game� which was later followed by �Atopa Jenjen� Guru also told Obrafour that in his absence, some act claimed to be the best rapper alive without even making a name outside the boundaries of Ghana (an obvious reference to Okyeame Kwame) and asked Obrafour for his thought on that. Again, Obrafour had an interesting answer that some people may find unpalatable. The un-mastered version of the song has enjoyed some heavy rotations on radio amongst a divided audience. Based on the text messages sent in to the radio shows, it is clear that some people agree with Obrafour while others feel he went too low with his attacks on the two artists. According to reports, the mastered version will be released next week. Also, it is reported that Okyeame and Obour have a beat ready for a reply to the song. Is there a new hiplife war in the brew?