Odike Proposes One-Week Pay For Workers

PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE of United Progressive Party (UPP), Akwasi Addai aka ‘Odike’, says he will introduce a one-week pay structure for government workers if he wins the upcoming elections.

He strongly kicked against the existing structure whereby government workers received their pay on monthly basis, arguing that the system creates financial challenges for Ghanaian workers.

According to him, the one-month period is too long therefore government workers are forced to borrow money with huge interests within that period to solve their pressing financial needs.

Odike therefore stated that the UPP government would ensure that the salary that government workers earn in a one-month is divided so that the worker could receive it in a one-week format.

“Accumulating the pay of government worker for one-month is too long and this creates problems for the workers so I will introduce one-week pay format for government workers to make life bearable for them”.

Speaking with Daily Guide, the UPP presidential candidate stated that government workers would receive their salaries on Fridays “so that they would not be forced to borrow money with interests”.

Odike, who is an astute international businessman, charged the various government worker associations in the country to pull their resources together and invest in other business ventures to help them earn extra income.

He said the present trend whereby government workers over-depend on the state to improve their lives was not the best, stressing the need for workers to unite and initiate policies that would boost their life.

Odike also assured that his government would support the various transport unions to form insurance companies and banking institutions that would help boost their activities and increase their capital.

Sounding extremely confident, the UPP flagbearer stated that his political party would cause a big surprise by breaking the NDC and NPP duopoly in Ghanaian politics by emerging victorious in the polls on December 7.