Ewefiaga Calls For Peaceful Elections In Ghana

Ewefiaga, Togbui Agokoli IV, President, Togolese National House of Chiefs has called on stakeholders in the December general election 7 in Ghana to work towards peace.

He described Ghana as a model of democracy in the sub-region and asked the political parties, the Electoral Commission and the media to commit to peace and safeguard the country’s democratic credentials.

Togbui Agokoli made the call through the Ghana News Agency on the sidelines of a grand durbar to climax this year’s Agbogboza at Notse in the Republic of Togo.

Agbogboza is an annual cultural festival of Ewes at their ancestral home-Notse, which attracts thousands of Ewes from across the globe, especially Ghana, Benin, Nigeria and Germany.

Togbui Agokoli asked the Ghanaian media to be circumspect and play its gatekeeping role effectively as a key stakeholder in the elections.

He also urged the political parties to be tolerant and accept results of the elections to avoid electoral conflicts, saying, such conflicts could affect Togo.

Togbe Afede XIV, Agbogbomefia of Asogli who led hundreds of Ewes from the Volta Region to the festival, in a remark at the durbar assured that the December elections would be peaceful.

He commended Togbui Agokoli for initiating the festival, which had become a homecoming event for Ewes and called for collaboration between the two countries to fight poverty and hunger.

Togbe Afede asked political leaders on the Continent to shun greed and use national resources to create jobs.

Mr Selom Komi Klassou, Prime Minister, Republic of Togo urged the youth in Africa to go into agriculture, saying, “If everything fails, farming won’t fail you.”

The festival also attracted members of the diplomatic corps and tourists.