Choose Leaders Who Stand For Peace, Electorates Urged

The Catholic Church in Wa has appealed to Ghanaian electorates to choose leaders that stand for peace in this year’s presidential and parliamentary elections.

“In everything we do, let us exercise peace and let us choose our leaders with peace and not war”, Father Patrick Segkpeb, an administrator at the Wa Catholic Cathedral Church, said.

He said “peace is our gold today” and whatever Ghanaians could do and have peace must be done.

Father Segkpeb made the appeal when Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Presidential Candidate, worshipped with the Church in Wa on Sunday as part of his last day campaign tour of the Upper West Region.

He said that Ghana’s quest for peace would be inadequate if there is no transparency, openness and forgiveness in any activity the citizens found themselves.

The Cathedral Administrator urged the youth who are leaders of tomorrow to seek God’s wisdom to enable them to distinguish what is good from what is bad in this electioneering year.

“All those in leadership positions should learn to take decisions which would lead to peace and prosperity”, he said.

Father Segkpeb said “let no Ghanaian be deceived into thinking that because he or she has a spear he or she could go out to hunt a lion.

“Carrying a spear is not the matter, first throw the spear onto the ground and see its impact on the ground before you set out to go and hunt a lion”, he said.

Father Segkpeb urged political actors to seek God’s wisdom or else they would be unfilled and could not rule if even the electorate gave them the mandate.

Nana Addo, on behalf of the NPP, expressed gratitude to the Church for the massive reception and prayers offered to him and his entourage.

He said Ghana was not a poor country as it was endowed with both natural and human resources but was faced with leadership challenges.

Nana Addo called on the electorate to give the NPP a chance in the 2016 general elections to turn the fortunes of the county through prudent and clear thought-out policies and programmes.

He said the free Senior High School, one factory, one district, one community one dam concept among others were to ensure that the nation ’s economy is placed on a sound footing.