One-House-One-Meter Doable...But One-Village-One-Dam Is A Lie Kofi Adams

The 2016 Campaign Coordinator for the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kofi Adams, says President John Dramani Mahama’s one-house-one-meter promise is more realistic than the one-village-one-dam assured by the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to Adams, if one analyzes President Mahama’s promise as compared to the Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s one-village-one-dam, one could clearly distinguish between which one is doable and not doable.

“Any sound person would not doubt President Mahama’s one-house-one-meter because that is how it is supposed to be. Every house needs to have a meter. But if somebody comes to tell you that he will build one dam for each village, straight away, you have to know that is a lie”.

“If President Mahama had promised to give one meter to one air-condition, then you can say that what he is saying is not doable. But President Mahama will not engage in that type of promises. What he is promising is what he knows he will deliver”.

“In fact, Nana Addo’s one-village-one-dam is just a lie. Whatever is not possible is not possible. God promised us but Satan came to lie us. That is the difference. President Mahama will promise what he will deliver but Nana Addo’s own is a lie”, he noted.

Adams who is also the National Organizer for the NDC made these observations in an interaction with Kasapa FM Tuesday evening.

President John Mahama at a rally in Cape Coast North Constituency on Tuesday pledged to allocate one meter per house to the people of Abura. He said the measure when implemented will reduce tension at the various households with the usage of electricity, adding that information available to him suggest that the sharing of light bills, generates a lot quarrel in many homes.

President Mahama was confident that the delivery of an additional 1,500 prepaid meters in the area while lessening tension in sharing the bills will also enable consumers to regulate and monitor their consumption.

“I know the huge problem facing the people of Abura. A lot of households do not have meter. Most of you are sharing meters. I have instructed that 1500 meters be provided to this township so that every house will have a separate meter for peace to prevail,” Mahama promised the jubilant crowd.