Expresspay Launches Bank Direct Service With Visa

expressPay, Ghana’s leading financial technology company, today announced the launch of an industry-first instant money transfer service in collaboration with Visa and local commercial banks. Dubbed, Bank Direct, the service enables consumers to instantly send and receive money into their bank accounts from any Visa cardholder or mobile money wallet.

First of its kind in West Africa, expressPay’s Bank Direct was launched at an event graced by dignitaries, executives of the banking, finance and mobile technology industries. The service is expected to significantly change the mobile payments landscape by uniting traditional banking with mobile finance to the benefit of consumers.

“Bank Direct effectively eliminates the need to travel to one’s bank to transfer or receive money. Ghanaians can simply transfer money from their bank accounts or mobile money wallets to any bank account with an associated Visa card.  It is a convenient, seamless and secure way to send money to friends and family anywhere in Ghana and can be accessed from the comfort of your home or office,” said Curtis Vanderpuije, CEO of expressPay.

“With a substantial proportion of the Ghanaian population unbanked, Bank Direct will foster financial inclusion, while capturing the informal economy, and enabling a cash-lite, and more money-efficient society. The service improves existing systems through interoperability while streamlining processes to use mobile money to connect with money in bank accounts. We are proud to work with Visa to make this revolutionary service possible,” Mr Vanderpuije added.

expressPay’s Bank Direct is the result of local innovation and global capability as the international payments gateway giant, Visa lent its full support to make the service a reality.