I Was Contacted To Join Illuminati - Lord Kenya

Ex-hiplife star christened the Hiplife Heavy Weight now Evangelist Lord Kenya, has revealed that five top Ghanaian musicians have sold their souls to the devil by being members of the secret cult, the Illuminati.

He revealed that at the peak of his rap career, he was ever approached by someone who tried to convince him to join but he refused for reasons best known to him.

“Sometime in my career, a respectable person in society contacted me to join. But I refused to yield to his demands. Some have sold their souls to the devil that is the truth….. if I have no record at all, I know at least about 5 of such musicians in the country”, he alleged.

The former rap heavy weight some years ago gave his life to Christ and has been an advocate for his former colleagues to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

“I’m not really disturbed if people still find it difficult to accept me and my new works now. The most important thing is to have God accept me. God has prepared me be a testimony to many others and to evangelize as well to many that may listen to it. I am therefore a tool to evangelize but perhaps not really through music”