Key Political Actors Must Commit To Fair-Play - Church

The political parties together with other key actors in the coming election have been urged to commit to fair-play and good faith, to dial down tension.

Pastor John Kwesi Kudah, leader of the Ejisu Area Pentecost Men’s Ministry, said it was important to recognize that there could not be peace, where people felt shortchanged.

As Ghanaians worked hard and prayed for peaceful polls, nobody should overlook the need to ensure that there was also justice.

He was speaking at a prayer meeting held in Ejisu with chiefs, queens and opinion leaders in the Ejisu-Juaben municipality.

They gathered for intercessory prayers for the nation’s peace as it edged closer to the December presidential and parliamentary elections.

Pastor Kudah called for the security agencies to uphold high standards of professionalism and remain politically neutral.

They must be firm, even-handed and go after any person, who breached the law regardless of political party affiliation or association, he said, adding that, their loyalty should be to the state.

He also reminded everybody to accept to conduct themselves well and play their expected roles with distinction to assure the nation of clean and credible election, the outcome would be incontestable.