Re: The Chief Of Staff Must Speak As An Adult And A Peace Seeker Not As A Tool Of Division

The above statement was released by the NPP roadside pastors who use the Bible to insight the people against well meaning  Ghanaians.

The Chief Of Staff, Hon. Julius Debrah has been one of the best Chiefs Of Staff the country has had since the inception of the Fourth Republic. A peace loving Ghanaian who has run through the ranks without blemish and any attempt to tarnish his hard earned reputation will never wash.

Throughout his tour in the Upper West Region, the Chief of Staff preached peace and admonished the NPP to desist from insults and attacks on our presidential candidate.  This is the message that the NPP and their surrogate groups have a problem with.

The NPP should find a better way of winning elections than hiring roadside pastors to tarnish people's image and reputation.

The 2016 election is going to be run on issues and records of candidates such as manifestos and their capacities to lead, unite and deliver.

Let the NPP bring their issues and records on-board and stop hiring roadside pastors to run their campaign for them.

No amount of dirty propaganda can soil the image of our indefatigable Chief of Staff.

Long live JM

Long live NDC

Long live Ghana

Jamal Konneh (Baba)

Eastern Regional Comm. Officer. (NDC)