'Blockhead', 'Lazy', 'Stomach Politician'...Invectives Fly As Obiri Boahen And Koku Slug It Out!

It was a war of words between two outspoken deputy general secretaries on NEAT FM’s morning show dubbed ‘Ghana Montie’ when the duo were offered the opportunity to use the platform to campaign for their respective parties.

The ruling National Democratic Congress [NDC] Deputy General Secretary, Koku Anyidoho and opposition New Patriotic Party [NPP] Deputy Chief Scribe, Nana Obiri Boahen were at each other's throat spewing forth vitriol.

Koku had earlier tagged his colleague on the other side of the political divide as “lazy” for their campaign strategy ahead of December 7, polls – and also insinuated that their suspended national chairman was “more sensible” than the acting one.

So why is Obiri Boahen insulting us, what is he up to? I have said the NPP only held press conferences in Accra whiles we are on the grounding working. So if he [Obiri Boahen] doesn’t agree with me, must he use abusive words?” Koku questioned.

If Nana Obiri Boahen claims he is sensible than all of us [In the NDC] fine, he should keep that. But if Freddy Blay [NPP’s acting chairman] had conscience, he will not advertise for the NDC is his papers [Daily Guide]. Paul Afoko [suspended Chairman] will never do such a thing if he owns a paper. The man [Freddy Blay] has no conscience. He has never belonged to the NPP and he is a stomach politician” he claimed

He went on to further question the leadership credibility of the NPP of which Obiri Boahen is acting as a deputy general secretary – “Who elected Obiri Boahen? He was appointed by some committee. Obiri can only match me if he goes to congress and contest for the position he is bragging with. Until then he is nobody in the NPP. He has no locus and he is not even respected by anyone in the party. How can such a person be insulting prominent elected executives of the NDC?

This did not go down well with Nana Obiri Boahen – he descended heavily on Koku and tagged him as “blockheaded” – “This man will never say anything sensible” – but he was quick to say “I am not insulting him though”.