I Have Never Smoked Before � Mad Fish

Ghanaian Dancehall artiste Mad Fish says he has never smoked the narcotic leaf, marijuana popularly known as ‘wee’ before.

According to him, he had friends who smoked wee when he was into active music but he never made it part of his life.

Mad Fish, who stormed the music scene with the hit ‘Yawuya’, said this in an interview with KMJ on the Showbiz Review segment on Hitz 103.9 FM.

He said his father did not want him to do music because he (his father) was afraid that he would involve himself in drugs and womanizing so he wanted to stop him from singing.

The patios speaking artist continued that he decided to prove his father wrong by ensuring that he would not get himself involved in drugs in order not to confirm what his father feared.

He said he was partly motivated against smoking because he was scared of developing ailments arising from smoking.

‘I think God gave me the will power to stand against certain things including smoking because I always used to be around one Rastaman at Alajo who used to smoke but I was never moved to follow his footsteps to enter into smoking.

Apart from him, all my friends also used to smoke but I was always guided by a horrible illustration of a man I saw during science lessons in school whose heart and lungs had been damaged by the adverse effect of smocking’ he said.

“Di Maddest” as he is popularly called continued that he used to conscientise himself not to fall into the habit of smoking in order not to destroy his lungs like what he saw in the illustration.

Asked why he decided to abandon his music career and travel to the United States of America at a point when his career was reaching its apogee in 2009, he explained that he went to pursue his education in law.

He also rubbished claims by some entertainment pundits that he left the shores of Ghana because he wanted to flee from competition because he could not match the talents of the artists who were in the system then.

Mad Fish further explained that he decided to further his education and secure for himself another profession so that he can assure himself of a better future even if he decides to end his music career.

‘Prior to my departure to the United States, my late mom had spoken to me about furthering my education and I decided to buy into it and take a little break for that.’