Daddy Lumba Is Next To Jesus Christ...

Private Legal Practitioner Yaw Oppong has likened legendary musician Charles Kwadwo Fosu affectionately called Daddy Lumba to Jesus Christ, saying he would gladly worship him after Jesus Christ and David because of his unprecedented songs.

Eulogising the talented man who is celebrating his 52nd birthday today, the Legal Practitioner remarked that Lumba has positively influenced the lives of many people through his songs.

He believes Lumba has spiced up so many relationships both locally and internationally and contributed immensely to the music industry.

According to him, Just like Jesus Christ won souls, Lumba has also rekindled broken relationships with his soothing songs and therefore deserves to be acknowledged.

The Central University College (CUC) Law Lecturer stated that due to his love for the musician’s songs, he will bow to him if Jesus is put aside.

Speaking on Abusua FM’s Abusua Nkommo hosted by Kwame Adinkrah, he further remarked that Lumba’s soothing songs are sort of inspiration to him and that he never gets tired listening to him.

‘‘I listen to quite a number of songs during my free times. I really love Daddy Lumba, he even gave me a autograph copy of his collective albums, when I encountered him at Cantonments four years ago, don’t know if he will remember. As for Lumba, he is next to Jesus, he is second in command when Jesus is out, after Jesus and David he is the next person I would gladly worship because of his quality songs,’ he said.

Lawyer Oppong suggested to Lumba to remix his old songs, saying there is nothing wrong in doing so.

‘As he celebrates his birthday, I wish him God’s blessings, and long life, I a m encouraging him to churn out more songs mixed with gospel songs as he has been doing. He should remix his old songs, it is even done in Hollywood where their old movies are re-written such as Lion’s King,’ he suggested.

He observed that, lately one has to strain his ears to hear certain lyrics in Lumba’s songs, saying the ‘konka’ beat was way better than instrument used now.

‘Comparably to those days and now, I must say, those days due to the ‘konka’ beat, we could hear the lyrics well, but now it’s difficult hearing his lyrics because of change in instrumentals. Our brother Lumba is growing so the voice is sometimes distorted and that could be a major factor. My wish is that he frequently releases motivational songs for women such as ‘Nyame Nhyira Mma,’ he said.

Some of Lumba’s songs include: Yene wo sere kwa, Theresah, Odo be ba na me, Aye huhu, sika asem, Yentie Obia, Power power, sika, Odo foforo, Ohia asem, Anadwo ye, Me Mpaebo, Nyame Nyhira Mma, Aware pa, enshi wo and others.