Ghana Sports Is Dead � Akpaloo

Ghana’s sports sector is dead and a future Independent People’s Party (IPP) government will resurrect it, Kofi Akpaloo, the presidential candidate of the IPP, has said.

According to him, if he is cleared to contest in the elections and eventually wins to become the next president of Ghana, he will invest $600 million each year in the sector in order to restore its glory days.

Mr Akpaloo is one of 13 flag bearers disqualified by the Electoral Commission from contesting in the elections but he has asked the EC to rescind the decision to disqualify him.

He told Class Sports on Tuesday October 18 that: “I will say they (government) have done nothing in terms of sports development because it is very shameful to hear that the Black Queens and even the Black Maidens [were] in their hotel because of money.

“I mean Ghana football is dead and now if you want to assemble players, you will have to go abroad and all that. The football is totally dead.”

He added: “I will invest 600 million dollars every year in the development of sports in the country. And we are going to build stadia in the regions without one.