Nduom Introduces Edwumawura Rice

Groupe Nduom will officially introduce Edwumawura Rice, which is locally produced onto the Ghanaian market in November 2016.

Groupe President, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom will launch the Edwumawura branded rice at two separate ceremonies at Worawora in the Volta Region and Assin Bereku in the Central Region.

The refurbished Worawora Rice Mill Factory will start producing the Edwumawura Rice right after the inauguration on 1 November 2016, while work on the Assin Bereku Rice Factory which will also produce Edwumawura Rice will be in full force right after its inauguration on 3 November 2016.

In all, some 4,000 out-growers are expected to benefit from the two factories. They have since been employed by Groupe Nduom to feed the factories with paddy rice. The establishment of the local rice mill factory is part of Groupe Nduom’s commitment towards the improvement of lives of indigenous Ghanaians, majority of them being farmers and fishermen.

Groupe Nduom says it believes the factories have the potential of producing a local rice brand with superior quality to the foreign ones which have dominated the Ghanaian market.

By conservative estimates, Ghana imports close to $1.5 billion worth of rice from foreign countries like China, Thailand, Vietnam, and India among others every year and the fact that the country consistently imports the same amount of rice within the period means there is a ready market for rice production in Ghana.

That explains why Dr Nduom, according to a statement, is happy that his Groupe is encouraging farmers to produce top-class rice that can compete with any of the imported ones on the Ghanaian market. He believes with that quality, markets for their produce are assured.

Groupe Nduom says it has a vision of helping create wealth and jobs for all categories of Ghanaians, especially those within the lower income bracket. The Groupe, therefore, sees in the two companies, a vastly available opportunity that farmers in the areas earmarked for the projects can take advantage to improve their living conditions.

It is through that vision that Groupe Nduom has expanded its operations throughout the country and also to the sub-Region, Europe and America. Dr Nduom believes the new companies will help reduce poverty drastically in the production areas because the rice farmers and other farm assistants are people hired from the indigenous communities.

Dr Nduom has long held the belief that the country can only develop if leadership in government and business offer to help indigenous Ghanaians to produce the highest quality of made in Ghana products in order to give local producers the competitive edge over foreign goods including imported rice.