No Politician Is Worth Dying For Dele Momodu

Publisher of Ovation International Magazine and Politician, Chief Dele Momodu has urged Ghanaians not to sacrifice themselves for any politician in the name of politics but rather to embrace hate free speeches for a peaceful election.

Chief Dele Momodu made this statement on Saturday at his office when he endorsed the NO HATE SPEECH AFRICA campaign being championed by Michael Opeyemi Ige, UN Peace Ambassador and the founder of Concerned Africans Youth Forum.

Speaking further on why he endorsed the campaign, Chief Momodu stated that war has broken out during elections – mostly as a result of insults and derogatory remarks by politicians and party supporters.

“As a young man in Nigeria, I was about 7 years old when the civil war broke out; so many lives were lost. But what I discovered since then was that the children of the leaders are never affected. Those who die are the same children of the poor, and what do they die for? Who remembers them after they are gone?

And that’s why we must all support NO HATE SPEECH AFRICA campaign, because I know for a fact that most wars start from the lack of decorum; when people just open their mouth to say stupid things to their fellow men; for what purpose? What do we achieve in the long run; say no to hate speeches, and let’s be friends.

He however advised Ghanaians to eschew hate speeches that could spark violence, and rather campaign and vote for their chosen candidates based on their instincts and principles.

“Elections should be a jamboree, not war. It doesn’t matter what party you belong, follow your principle and instinct as a discerning citizen. It is your right, and if any politician asked you to die for him, tell him to put his children forward. No politician, including me is worth dying for,” he said.

NO HATE SPEECH AFRICA campaign was launched in May 2016 to create awareness about inflammatory campaign rhetoric with the sole aim of putting a stop to it.

According to Ige, “NO HATE SPEECH AFRICA campaign will encourage the society to discuss in a more tolerant and open manner, and to learn how to contribute in positive ways to resolving political disputes and conflict”.

Language Monitoring In Ghana

In a recent report published by Media Foundation of West Africa Ghana, titled; Language Monitoring: July-September Quarterly Report, it says six different categories of indecent expressions were used by officials, supporters and affiliates of political parties. Provocative Comments (32) was the most used indecent expressions during the monitoring period. Other indecent expressions used during the period were unsubstantiated allegations (31), insulting & offensive comments (23) divisive comments (5) remarks endorsing violence (4) and remarks inciting violence (2).

Media Foundation of West Africa Ghana, a non-governmental organization with the media development and freedom of expression advocacy organisation in West Africa with the aim of promoting and defend the right to freedom of expression of all persons particularly the media and human rights defenders in West Africa.