It�s Sad When Kojo Antwi Takes My Credit - Kwaisey Pee

Ghanaian ‘silky voice’ singer Akwasi Opoku popularly called ‘Kwaisey Pee’ has expressed worry that a section of Ghanaians credit his songs to celebrated musician Kojo Antwi.

He admitted that he feels good when he is associated with the legend bemoaning that for obvious reasons he (Kojo Antwi) sometimes takes his glory.

He questioned why people assume that he bears the same voice with the maestro adding that the only resemblance he has with the ‘Adiepena’ hit-maker is the dread locks they both wear.

"People say our voices sound same, but I will say no, maybe the only resemblance is the dread locks, our voices differ, because Kojo has husky voice, and my voice is silky and smooth, so if you know the difference, you can tell," he indicated.

Asked by host of Ultimate Brunch and Lunch Naa Klordey Odonkor if he ever heard that his hit song ‘mehia odo’ was mistaken for a Kojo Antwi hit song, he retorted ‘its always being like that, even my new song when you play it, its sometimes sad, it hurts in a way that is the reason why from the beginning I said its a yes and no, at a point you feel ok because he is a good guy, yeah I know he is taking the credit, that is the sad part.

The good part is people comparing me to a good musician, he is a good musician so its cool, but the sad part is he taking the credit. I remember when my first album came out, people went to shops saying they wanted Kojo Antwi’s latest song, meanwhile it wasn’t his latest’.

The vibrant musician with six albums to his credit, remarked that he loved the legend’s songs when growing up but never planned to sound like him.

"You see when people want to sound like or kinda copy others, you will see but mine is natural,"he explained.

The musician who hoped to be a big icon in the entertainment and creative arts industry refused to mention if he is better than Kojo Antwi or not.

Touching on his new song titled ‘its about time’, he described it as a danceable smooth song urging his fans to grab copies of the CDs.