Parliament Leaks Amidst Rainstorm; Roof Partly Ripped Off

A severe rainstorm in the national capital Accra, has ripped off a part of the roof of the Parliament House.

The Tuesday night rain, accompanied by a severe storm, which has wrecked havoc in several parts of Accra, affected activities in the Parliamentary chamber as the rain flooded in from the roof.

Some electronic gadgets installed in the chamber were left after the mercy of rain, as a few staff of Parliament were seen trying to salvage some important materials.

Citi FM‘s Parliamentary correspondent, Duke Mensah Opoku, said the incident occurred not long after the house had adjourned sitting.

The house sat on Tuesday night to consider a bill brought before it under a certificate of urgency, to amend the Local Government Bill.

‘Parliament renovated’

The Chamber of Parliament was renovated in 2014 after MPs complained of congestion, resulting from an increase of parliamentary seats from to 230 to 275.

The house while on recess between July and October 2014, underwent infrastructural adjustment to ease congestion and change worn-out materials.

At the reconvening of the house in November 2014, the central air conditioning system of the Parliament had been changed with new chandeliers fixed.

Modern communication gadgets were also fixed to the table for each parliamentarian, with old furniture replaced with imported Chinese chairs that were subsequently replaced after agitation from some Members of Parliament.