President Charged To Introduce Legal Instrument To Back New Ministries

Member of Parliament for Wa East has charged President Akuffo Addo to speedily introduce a legal instrument to parliament to back the new ministries he has created.

Joseph Yileh Chireh said the instrument which would clearly spell out the mandate of the new ministries need to be introduced quickly to avoid a turf war.

Speaking on the floor of the House last Friday when parliament approved the Presidents last batch of ministerial nominees, he said parliament has approved all the substantive ministerial nominees without any legal instruction which was not the best.

"We would soon be filing questions, so if we don't know which minister to address or which departments are under which ministry, it would be difficult to file questions for ministers to answers," he said.

He also urged the Majority leader who doubles as the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs to work hard while quizzing if he would be reshuffled outside his leadership role in the House which is likely to cause a confusion.