Okyeame Rocks Big Brother Africa

Ghanaian �Rap Doctor� Okyeame Kwame opened the show with Woso, IK took viewers through a recap of events in the house over the past week. Kenya�s Jeremy is on his way back home after being evicted from M-Net�s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION this Sunday on the eighth live eviction show. This saw the Revolution�s longest-standing relationship end, leaving Emma behind in the house to plot her revenge. The highlights included checking out what Kristal and Quinn had gotten up to since being evicted, the interesting fashions which the housemates have been displaying, a look at the history of evictees� Molotov Cocktails, a summary of the increasingly funny pranks the housemates are pulling on each other and a look back at Nigerian Superstar D�Banj�s visit to the house on Friday night. Then it was time to get down to business and have Nkenna reveal to the housemates how she had used her power as Head of House to influence the nomination process. �I did what every other person would have done � I saved Itai,� she told IK and the housemates. When IK pressed her to reveal who she had replaced Itai with, she said she wanted to give Africa a twist as Big Brother is all about twists. �I swapped Emma,� she said, telling IK it was nothing personal. After another performance by Okyeame Kwame supported by Kweku T � this time with Yahooze, which he dedicated to all the ladies � IK took the dreaded envelope from the Alexander Forbes representative and prepared to break the news to the housemates. After an interminable pause, he revealed that Jeremy would be the 16th housemate to leave the Revolution. After sharing a hug with Emma and saying goodbye to the rest of the housemates, Jeremy joined IK on stage, who welcomed him as �Mr Muscles�. Asked who he thought nominated him, he initially said he had no idea, before naming Nkenna, Leonel and Geraldine. IK rolled the video of his nominations and he was surprised to see that it was actually Edward, Itai, Leonel, Mzamo and Nkenna who put him up for eviction. IK�s line of questioning immediately turned to exactly what the whole continent wanted to know about � Jeremy�s relationship with Emma. �I�m attracted to her, she�s a great girl and I�m gonna miss her,� he said. IK asked him to define the phrase they coined in the house � �less than lovers, more than friends�. �We kissed, we cuddled� I don�t know how to define that,� said the Kenyan. Then it was time for Jeremy�s parting shot � the infamous Molotov Cocktail. As IK and Jeremy appeared on the television in the house, IK read out this week�s �punishment� - one housemate must prepare all the meals for one week. This housemate must also do the washing up after each meal. �This should come as no surprise to you, Nkenna, enjoy!� said Jeremy without hesitation. IK asked if Jeremy�s appearance at 90% of his diary sessions topless was a strategic move, but he replied that he had simply been called out of the pool most of the time. IK then turned his attention back to Jeremy�s relationship with Emma, reminding him of a particular instance where Emma asked him what he wanted from her. �You asked her if you had to tell her everything � what did you want from her?� he asked. Jeremy could only smile, but went on to talk about the future of their relationship. �If we were in the same country or neighbouring countries a lot more could happen, but with us being so far apart, I don�t know what will happen,� he said. �I don�t do long-distance�. For clarifications� sake, IK asked him if he was in fact single. �I was with someone just before I went into the house, but we broke up, so I went into the game single,� said Jeremy. With that, he left the stage as IK reminded him that he would be taking home USD 2 613 in his Money Pot. The outcome of BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION really is down to the way Africa votes and this week Jeremy received the fewest votes from Zimbabwe, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Rest of Africa, Botswana & Nigeria, as opposed to Emma (Uganda, Ethiopia, South Africa) and Mzamo (Kenya, Angola and Tanzania).