I Am Being Impersonated On Facebook - Minister

Minister for Business Development, Ibrahim Mohammed Awal has advised the general public to ignore unscrupulous individuals who have created fake Facebook accounts in his name.

According to Awal, though he did not have a Facebook account, the fraudsters operating the fake account were always updating the fake account with his pictures and comments purporting to have been made by him.

The Business Development Minister fears that such fake accounts could be used to defraud people in his name and his, therefore, prompting the general public to pre-empt any fraud in his name.

He appealed to the public to be on the lookout for these scammers.

Mr. Awal stated that he was compiling the accounts and report them to the Cyber Crime Unit at the Police Headquarters to track down the perpetrators.

According to him, he only got to know of this nefarious act through people who knew him and saw the account and called to verify if he was the one.