Hon. Nkansah Boadu Commends President For Fulfilling His "HOPE" Campaign Message

Member of parliament for Afigya Sekyere East Constituency, Hon.Mavis Nkansah Boadu has commended the President H.E Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo for fulfilling his "HOPE" Campaign message to the people of Ghana.

According to him, the President means well for Ghanaians and will do everything to alleviate Ghanaians from the poverty ridden economy.

"I have not seen Ghanaians jubilate like this before ever since a budget was read and I believe the President will deliver on his promise", she added.

Making her maiden presentation on the floor of parliament as they discussed the 2017 budget, she also commended the minister of finance for displaying an impeccable sterling delivery, performance, knowledge and composure during the presentation of the 2017 budget.

"Despite the Heckling and pessimism displayed by the minority side in parliament, he able to deliver ", she explained.

Worried about the activities of some "goro" boys and the stress Ghanaians go through to acquire passport, the young parliamentarian was however relieved about a portion of the 2017 budget precisely paragraph 268 which reads " to improve the processes of passport acquisition and eliminate the role middlemen, the ministry launched the online passport application service.

It is currently available at the Accra passport application Centre but plans are advance for a role out plan to cover other regional application centres".

"In line with government policy, the ministry will open 4 new passport application centres in the Upper East, Upper West, Eastern and Central Regions to enhance service delivery".

"I believe this idea is praise worthy in the sense that it is going to save Ghanaians the stress and the time of travelling to Accra to secure a passport.

Fraudulent activities are also going to be curbed and also reduce illegal acquisition of passport by some foreigners", she explained.

The member of the foreign affairs committee of parliament was also optimistic that with the new initiatives and policy direction of the new director of passport ,Passport acquisition by Ghanaians especially those living abroad will no longer be a privilege but a right.