Woman Accused Of Raping Friend With 'Dildo' Acquitted And Discharged By Court

The Accra Circuit, Court has acquitted and discharged the woman who was standing trial for allegedly inserting dildo into the vagina of another woman. 

The accused person, Queenie Akuffo, was acquitted and discharged on Wednesday morning after the court, presided over by Mrs Abena Oppong Adjin-Doku, ruled that the alleged victim consented to the act. 

According to the court, a video documenting the alleged act revealed that the alleged victim was in full support of the act

The judge held that the video showed that when Queenie inserted the dildo into the victim's vagina, she (victim ) was fully aware and did not protest. 

In the said video, the judge held that the victim was seen urging the accused person to perform the act. 

The victim, Janet Amankwa, told the court that she was intoxicated and, therefore, she did not know what happened to her. 

But the judge held that in her evidence, it was revealed that during interaction with a doctor, she stated that the accused person inserted the dildo into her vagina. 

"If she was intoxicated and did not know what happened, how could she tell the doctor what happened to her", the judge said.