Man Cheats Death After He Was Electrocuted In His Sleep By Phone Charger (PHOTOS)

32-year-old Wiley Day from Alabama is a lucky man, he somehow survived after he was electrocuted by his phone charger. He sleeps with his cellphone charging in his bed but on one fateful Wednesday night, things went really bad. The charger came lose and a metal dog tag he was wearing got caught up in it, he was jolted out of bed by the electricity coursing through his body.

Wiley managed to rip the necklace off but not before suffering second and third-degree burns to his neck and hands.

He said:
'What I felt through that...I just thought that's how you die.' Doctors say he is expected to recover but that could have died. Dr Benjamin Fail said that 100 volts can kill a person and Day was hit with 110.
'He is lucky to be alive,' Dr. Fail said. 'Electrocution kills.' After the brush with death, Day says he's going to stop sleeping in bed with his phone. He said: 'Charge your phone away from you. Charge it the next day. It's not worth your life.'