As We Celebrate Easter….

The Easter season is here with us again. For some it is a period to reflect on the sacrifices of Jesus Christ, especially his crucifixion by the Romans on Calvary. This is the reason for the celebration anyway. For others, however, it is the entertainment or social dividends which matter. It is time to relax with friends and reunite with family members, et al.

While both are important, we think that the real reason behind the season should underpin our activities as we break for the long holidays, commencing tomorrow.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion has been described as the foundation of the Christian faith: its symbolism and lessons should not be lost on Christians under any circumstance.

The mission of Jesus Christ, who eventually suffered his ordeal at the hands of the Romans as noted earlier in this commentary, was about the transformation of the world. Mankind had veered from the path of Godliness and was therefore engulfed in wanton iniquities.

With Almighty God sending the Messiah to come and redeem mankind that whosoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life meant the Creator loves his creation and would always want to give them another chance of salvation as evidenced by the mission of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, we are still engulfed in sin and continue to do so in varied forms on daily basis thereby deviating from the path of God. Interestingly, this is the time that we have many more pastors undertaking evangelism – continuing with the mission of Jesus Christ.

It is regrettable though that not all these persons who profess to be men of God exude the attributes of the exalted; some of them indulging in worse sins than the flock they are expected to lead.

In the political realm the kind of iniquities being committed by those at the realm defies imagination. Makes us wonder whether we still think sincerely about the teachings of Jesus Christ and the sacrifices he made for mankind to live in the light of God and enjoy everlasting lives.

The world will be a better place to live in if we all reflect at this moment of Easter about our mission in this ephemeral world and juxtapose this against what Jesus Christ came down for by way of redeeming us.

As we celebrate Easter, having gone through Lent and other pre-Easter activities, let us reflect upon Jesus Christ against the backdrop of the objectives of His mission among us.

Those who are entrusted with the task of keeping the public purse and to disburse the contents thereof on behalf of the people, let them do so with the fear of God being paramount. They should remember the day of reckoning when they would account for their stewardship.

Were the fear of God be overwhelming in our management of the affairs of state, families and others, Ghana and indeed the world at large, would have been better off than they stand now.

Inequality and other socio-political challenges of the world are all the functions of mankind’s inefficient management of affairs. Mankind’s fear of God has been impaired as he ignores the teachings of Jesus Christ and why he suffered.

On this occasion, we wish our teeming readers a wonderful Easter and pray that they drive safely to and from their points of observance of the religious activity.