My Boyfriend Caused My Overstay …Banned Ex-MP’s Daughter Confesses

The daughter of the former Asunafo South Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) who is facing a 10-year ban from entering the United Kingdom (UK) over allegations of visa fraud  has accepted blame for the mess her father finds himself in.

 41-year-old Joyce Boakye, who overstayed her welcome in the United Kingdom (UK) for more than three years, after she had gone there with her MP father for what was supposed to be a short visit said she refused to return home because she met her boyfriend there.

Hear Joyce Boakye: “I went with my father. And I told him I was leaving for town, but I never returned that is why I overstayed. I told him I will return, but I met my boyfriend in town and I departed for his house. I switched off my phone and removed my sim card so that when my father attempts to reach me on phone, he will be unsuccessful. That’s why I didn’t come with my father.”

She told Citi News yesterday that “I don’t call my father, and I don’t know how he got my number. But I kept calling mum though. There is no network where my mother lives so she to leaves her house before we can talk. As for my dad, he doesn’t have my number so I’m wondering how he got my number to tell me to come home. I intended to return with my boyfriend at his convenience. Excuse me for saying this, but I am old enough to stay away from home.”

According Joyce, as she is fondly referred to by her peers, she deliberately cut contact ties with her father after she told him she was leaving the house to visit an uncle in the London, ahead of their scheduled departure date.

She said should be held responsible for the incident and was therefore appealing to Ghanaians to forgive her, although her story does not add up.

“I am pleading with my father and Ghanaians to forgive me. When I arrived, my father and I went to see the British High Commissioner and we pleaded with him too,” she said.

George Boakye is of the ex-legislator who is part of 3 current MPs who have been banned from entering the UK over allegations of visa fraud using their diplomatic passports.

It would be recalled that the British High Commissioner, Jon Benjamin, in a letter to the Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament, Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye said the offence of the former MP was that, “On 11/09/2012, the then Honourable and now former MP for Asunafo South George BOAKYE applied for visas for himself and his 37-year old daughter, Joyce BOAKYE to visit a friend in London for 17 days The visas were granted on 14/09/2012. On 17/01/2013 Joyce BOAKYE travelled to the UK with her Honourable father.

Joyce BOAKYE did not leave the UK with her father, but remained until 06/01/2017. In other words, she finally returned to Ghana just this month, having been in the UK illegally for over three years, and only then at our strong urging of Mr. Boakye to bring her back. Mr. Boakye is highly unlikely to be issued any further visas to visit the UK in the next ten years for his role in facilitating his daughter’s travel to the UK, including should he be re-elected to Parliament in a subsequent election.