You Will Be Held Accountable – Veep Charges Ministers & Agency Heads

The Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has admonished Ministers and Heads of government department and agencies to account to Ghanaians for every action they undertake or fail to take while in office.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of a six-day Special Training Session on Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663) as Amended and Public Financial Management Reforms for Ministers and Heads of agencies on Monday, Dr. Bawumia advised them saying the high offices they hold come with responsibilities to manage the public purse judiciously.

Emphasizing the importance of public procurement in any growing economy, Dr Bawumia said the NPP government is keen on managing government businesses effectively and determined to deal with corruption.

“This Special Training programme is designed to build the capacity of government appointees and Heads of institutions on the essential provisions of the Public Procurement Law, Public Financial Management Law and the Budget preparation processes in order to avoid some of the mistakes of the past and achieve more tangible development results for Ghana,” he stated.

“For all of you here, at one time or the other, you will be held accountable for your stewardship of the various institutions that you are in.

One of the key areas of accountability will be for procurement, because this is where we are able to protect the public purse.

“So as well as protecting the public purse, I think this training programme will also help you to protect yourselves, going down the line, because at one point or the other you will be asked to account for your stewardship.

The policy thrust of the 2017 Budget Statement under the theme ‘
Sowing the Seeds for Growth and Jobs’ gives an indication of how government intends to pursue strict enforcement of the anti-corruption agenda through effective fiscal discipline and the enforcement of all the provisions of the PFM Law and the Public Procurement Act as amended," he added.