DVLA Set To Introduce New Licences...

Officials of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) are beginning the process to review and in some cases abrogate service contracts, it has described as “senseless and outrageous.”

The Chief Executive of the Authority, Kwesi Agyemang Busia, told Joy News in an interview Wednesday it is unacceptable that service providers were taking 70 percent of revenues generated from the service they render to the public.

According to him, due diligence was done in some of the contracts signed by the past administration, adding there is the need to review them.

“I have contracts that when we pay to one of the big ones I stutter simply because we over committed.

“I think the cash flow and source of funds was not critically looked at because the contractors were making more money than the Authority before the ink on the contract dries,” he lamented.

He said such developments have led to a situation where although the Authority is not in a cash crunch, it is neither prudent nor sustainable, to continue on this path. 

“I didn’t want us to get to that point where drastic measures have to be taken,” he said.

A new driver's Licence to be introduced:

According to Mr Busia, the Authority will also phase out the existing driver's licence and replace it with a new one which will be introduced to the public on July 18.

He said the new driver's license will have enhanced security features which will make it difficult to duplicate.

“This is a unique card with a contact chip in it which is popular across the world like the new biometric passport," he said. 

Mr Busia said the Authority wants to ensure that there is only one legalised licence used in the country to counter duplication. 

Like the biometric passport, he explained that it will have a lot of security features some of which will be visible to the eye and others which are not.

He believes this will also block the financial leakage in that department as the services of fraudsters and ‘goro boys’ will not be needed.

Explaining the frustrations of applicants having to wait for months before getting their licenses, he said the new driver's license will be ready for pick up between three weeks and a month after the application has been submitted.

For those who apply for the new premium service, they will receive their licenses within two weeks.

Applicants will also have the option of picking it up at any of the DVLA offices across the country or having it delivered to their offices at a fee.

He believes this will create a hole in the activities of the 'goro boys' and in the long term when their efforts are frustrated, people will stop patronising their services.

He revealed that the Authority is working to clear the backlog of applications pending since 2014.

“For those who applied in 2014/15 and are captured in our systems, they should come back at no cost at all to get a new license," he said.

Commenting on the development, transport expert, Cecil Gabrah, agrees that it is a smart move by the Authority as it has become easy to secure a fake license which is not good for the country.

“It is really good and I support it and I commend them for making it conform to international standards with embedded security features.

“It is now time to get police the required scanners and teach them how to scan people’s licences because at the moment I can tell you that 40-50% of licenses are not genuine," he said. 

He bemoaned the involvement of some DVLA staff in helping outsiders to create the fake license for unsuspecting members of the public.

“I believe that the CEO with his team will weed all those people out and get genuine people."

Mr Garbrah wants the database to be linked with the National Identification Authority (NIA) system to add to the nation's quest for a good national identification system.

“It is time for us to do the right thing once we have another opportunity,” he said adding the new licence will help reduce the number of accidents on the road.