‘We’re Giving Power To NPP Slowly’

A youth group belonging to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has sounded alarm bells to the national executives of the party to get their act together because the party was slowly giving power to their opponents to come back to government on a silver platter. In a two-page petition copied to members of the national executive which was signed by Joseph Nkrumah, chairman, Stephen Quarshie, Secretary and Alidu Ammed, organizer and intercepted by The heritage newspaper, the youth group noted that the former vibrant opposition NDC is not the same today. The group noted that Ghanaians have missed the vibrant and militant radio discussion of Ama Benyiwa and her colleagues. A woman who earned the sobriquet “Chavez” due to a physical blow she threw at a panelist during a newspaper review programme on a radio station. They described her as someone who at the mention of her name, even intellectuals shiver. According to the group, the appointment of Auntie Ama was not in the best interest of the party since radio discussion programmes have become an integral part of the electorate making informed decisions during election. They called on the government and the party to rethink the issues and not to wait till election was due. Another name the group mentioned is that of the Eastern regional minister, Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, who is also the national organizer of the party. The group described him as a man who was always on top of every issue and was also liked by many listeners due to the way he approached issues. They said that though he was the national organizer he availed himself to the media any time he was called upon. The group was also not happy with the pairing of Mr. Ampofo and Baba Jamal as minister and deputy respectively of the Eastern region. They both have different approaches to issues and could affect their work. They claimed that both ministers contributed immensely in the party’s 2008 victory due to radio and television programmes. They also mentioned Fiifi Kwettey and Elvis Afriyie Ankrah who now hold deputy ministerial positions. They described the two national executive members as vibrant and intelligent who used ‘Setting the Records Straight’ to debunk the former government’s propaganda. The group claimed there was some form of hope when the militant and controversial Yamoah Ponko and Ametor Kwame came onto the scene. According to the group, Ametor Kwame was able to debate intellectually with discussants like Malik Kweku Baako, Egbert Fabille, to mention a few. Unfortunately, accordingly to them the two men have recently been given appointments. The group is therefore not happy that all these people are now quiet giving the opposition the opportunity to lambaste the government at the least opportunity. They claim that though the NDC has people who represent the party during radio discussions they still miss the services of the names mentioned above. They also called on the party followers not to always expect or demand political favors since one can serve a party by contributing immensely during radio discussions. They have also called on both the party and government to take second look at their request.