Rains Cause Havoc In Kumasi, Obuasi

Torrential rains that fell in the Ashanti Region on Sunday has caused a lot of havoc, exposing the daunting task facing government of Ghana in fighting floods.

The rains, which started from about 3:00 p.m., destroyed properties worth several thousands of Ghana cedis in the Kumasi metropolis.

About 15 houses at Adoato near the Adoato Mosque in the Bantama constituency collapsed due to the heavy downpour as the strong floods could not get a way to flow freely.

Member of Parliament for Bantama who visited the affected victims on Monday blamed the incidence on ineffective technocrats and poor roads.

Hon. Daniel Okyem Aboagye speaking to journalists said permits were issued wrongly to some individuals to put up their houses, churches and offices thereby impeding free flow of water.

“But no one can stop water from flowing otherwise it will find its own way, and this is what we are seeing today,” he indicated.

Technocrats have been blamed for giving road contracts to friends and cronies who, apart from duping the state huge sums of money, do not also do it well.

About 80 to 100 people have been affected by the rains in the Adoato area alone, while some others in several other parts of the Kumasi metropolis are calling for support in various regards.

Damage in Obuasi

Meanwhile a similar incident occurred in the Obuasi metropolis as well where the floods destroyed properties worth millions of Ghana cedis.

Companies, churches and homes were flooded with the rains destroying almost everything that stood its way.

The areas affected included North Nyamebekyere, Kokotuasua, Bidieso, Abompe and the stadium.

Residents have accused Anglogold Ashanti (AGA) for the intensity of the flood, saying a break in of several tonnes of sand at Abompe made the floods severe.

The sand, which the locals call senet, had been poured there for several years making a mountain around the Abompe township, however, several calls from the residents for AGA to cart the heaps from there has fallen on deaf years.

Two lives were feared lost but this has not yet been confirmed by the police.

One of the victims, the General Manager of Naya Duf foods, Antie Nana Yaa, told this reporter that all her machines for the production of Tom brown, a food beverage, had been destroyed by the floods.

“It took me several years to put these machines together and I spent several thousands to get them, but in just a few hours they are all gone,” Antie Nana Yaa wept as she told this reporter.

Other things destroyed by the flood were various home appliances, office equipment, vehicles and houses.